about pictomat

originally there was “time is tight”, then “|||the|||cold|||like|||winter|||project|||”, next “dah/zyne” (which is the only site that remains intact for posterity, and can be accessed with the blogroll link on the menu column), and now “pictomat”.

why “pictomat”? cuz we don’t have it in us to write long pieces now, and we don’t think you have the time to read ’em. this place is like the old nyc automats with little glass windows with a verity of catagories. lots of little treats. when you punch the catagories you can get a full meal deal. it will be built with an entrée here and a desert there.

yup, the “throwaways” will continue. got a few surprises up our sleeve for the future. if you want to be on the “throwaway” list, cuz you never have received one, just email.

remember, commenting is one of the great joys in life. try it!


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as you know, m. d/z (or whatever the current moniker), i love to comment. and, as a fellow blogger, i understand the gratification of reading those comments.

come on, folks! do your part!

Comment by e

Rhine, Nice site! You always do everything at such a high level! You know who I think you would enjoy is Warren Beatty’s son/daughter Stephen. He has many of your interests and is a very smart writer. He used to have a blog, “Eugene Tapdance” I think? Changing his sex, going off to college, big life changes has altered his inter net life, I hope all goes well for him. Really bright creative mind that one has 🙂

Comment by Terri Tufts

nice work fellas bravo

Comment by rania

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