r ruder’s first non-gallery gallery show, well kinda!
November 9, 2010, 7:29 am
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[had to take down poster, i didn’t read the small print. no announcements, posters or business cards are allowed.]

come down to blue sky gallery this week, tuesday nov. 9th through sunday nov. 14th. i will have some photos up in the gallery’s free space “no strings”. if you can’t find it, it is because it is really, really small.
blue sky is at 122 n.w. 8th ave (that’s next to the north park blocks in the pearl between couch and davis.) their hours are 12 to 5.


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are you going to be there? i would love to come, but it will have to be either wednesday or friday… or both! i’ll definitely be there. maybe i can drag tlc along with me.

Comment by e

like am i gonna hang out like i am ansel adams and people are gonna want my autograph cuz i am so friggin famous 24/7? no.

but i do have two tales to tell, the place is a co-op, it started small and now is really big time, but they have always had this little wall, way cool. i walked in later, hours after i put up the show to meet a friend, and who should i run into but christopher roshchenberg, the founder of the place who i only know by talking to him in the many time i’ve been in the joint in the 1980’s when he had to run the whole show, now underlings do all of that. he said, and i quote, “great show” and his wife/partner said she liked it cuz it was so different then the more photographic arty stuff that usually gets put up. by the way his father is robert roschenberg, just about one of the most famous 20c. painters. i felt pretty damned good. until …

… i got an email message at 9:30pm with a cc to someone else on the blue sky board saying they had received a message that a poster had appeared on a website pictomat (like how in the fuck would they know that, or even care?) attached was a photo of the sign up sheet i had scribbled my name on a few months ago to get this week long gig. the small print, which i never read said that i could not use this show on any resumĂ©, could not make a poster, put up business cards, etc! well, i took it of pictomat, but left it on facebook to see if zuck the facebook prez is gonna report me to the fbi and cia and blue sky! if you don’t here from me, then i am in the clinker, probably in cuba! who stays up and monitors this stuff after biz hours??? i am telling you the internet can be one weird and paranoid place.

so, perhaps what i thought was going to be my ticket to money, fame, fortune and vanity fair covers is over before it ever really began.

no, matter, i am closing down pictomat real soon, i made it through my year, wrote a lot, and sang way too much! but i do have a novelette i started when i was sicker than a dog with an ear infection in nyc for a few weeks. i am gonna work intensely on that, keep on going to tons of art things cuz i am getting to know some interesting people, hopefully make my earl video (if only he’ll sign, his agent keeps telling him to hold out for more greenies.) damn that cat!

i’ll post those things on facebook or send em out as links using my pictomat mailing list. oh ya, and i will alway be sending out throwaways when the spirit moves me. the next one though is not a throwaway, it is a keepsake for and about my daddio. look for that in your mailbox and read the sunday obits. dad gets the big one. i have been writing back and forth with kati muldoon who wrote the front page story about him two years ago. she asked if i minded. like, what? i hope it will be really nice. she asked me to write about the gallery opening night and my toast to “get some color”. i gave her tons of bright ones, doubt she’ll write that anne healy was gonna take an extra dose of pain meds for daddio, but i wrote her what i said. anyway there is that and ..,

… the head of the board of directors at laconner museum of pacific northwest art is coming to daddio’s studio saturday to get some work for their permanent collection. next stop? well, a 93 year old collage artist that shows at the 12×16 plays pinocle with the new curator of the northwest art collection at the portland art museum. somehow, someway, i am gonna get a piece or two into the museum it belongs in right here in river city.

– rhine

Comment by pictomat

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