50 pictomatic videos: grapevine rap
October 19, 2010, 6:38 am
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i heard it through the grapevine (rap), written: norman whitfield & barrett strong

we just can’t keep mr.pic away from the sound-studio and mixing board. this time, or so we are told. mr. pic claims he is doing an homage to both mr. dylan, with his talk/sing style and the fact that today, tuesday, bob dylan releases his ninth volume of the “bootleg series” titled “the witmark demos (1962 – 1964)”, and also, to motown’s only real competition to writing team of holland, dozier, & dozier who wrote the slick work for the supremes and the four tops (watch the first pictomat video “bernadette”). that, of course, would be norman whitfield and barrett strong, who wrote for the temptations and gladys knight and the pips. it is the pips funky backing track, rather than the slower, more popular and quite different marvin gaye version that mr. pic lays his gritty vocal down. (you did catch that we said motown songwriting teams. right? that is so a certain nyc friend wouldn’t think he could catch us being leaving out the man bobby d called, “america’s finest songwriting poet”. why that would be … smokey, natch!)


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Rappilicious! Especially that last, oh so delicate … “Hmmm”. And I never realized before just how much Lou Reed owes to the Motor City … “All the colored girls sing …”

Comment by J.T.

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