50 stiffs in 2010: joan sutherland, 50 best voices
October 13, 2010, 2:01 pm
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joan sutherland, opera singer. born: sydney, australia (1926 -2010)

while pictomat appreciates the opera, we are no experts on joan sutherland, her life, or career. however, dear jtm was sadden deeply by this news, and offered up his feelings on the dear woman:

arrivederci la stupenda!

joan sutherland died today. even though ms. sutherland hasn’t sung for years, hearing of her death snatched away a little piece of magic. joan was everyman’s sheila and everybody’s mum. she had the jaw of a linebacker, but she also had a voice that was like a slice of heaven. it was an amazing voice. the sort of voice that can convince you the human race has a higher calling … that you might have a higher calling. all this from a woman you could easily imagine had just hung up a fresh load of laundry or vacuumed the carpet. i will miss you joanie.


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that’s a lovely tribute, jtm. i’ll toast the grand dame tonight with a glass of bubbly…

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