50 pictomat throwaways: late, almost forgotten throwaway is sent today
October 7, 2010, 6:00 pm
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throwaway s.w./005

you may remember we spent a good deal of august in l.a. and then traveling from gallop, n.m. through the navajo nation and to several wonderful national parks. in l.a. we were visiting our dear aunt, and had time to do more than a few bits about architecture, a favorite film that takes place in the city of angels, and an essay on how schizophrenic the wonderful city is.

we did not have that luxury in the southwest. it was a car trip that, as we said before started in gallop and wove its way in and out of states and indian reservations. we wanted to write, we had no time. it was a wonderful and interesting trip. pictomat has travel extensively in the this country and the u.k., europe, a small part of asia and another small part of africa and we have never met a vacation we didn’t like and learn tons about people, culture, and geography. and that includes our over the counter codeine stupor trip of 2008, miss e!

we did manage to use our pictomat stamps for the l.a. “throwaway”, but its companion piece, the s.w. “throwaway” and a pictomat stamp, which was meant to be sent from monument valley in the heart of the navajo nation, while on our person, never made it to the post.

this problem has been rectified. the almost forgotten “throwaway” was not thrown away. it is just very late, and although it will have a wonderful pictomat postage stamp on it, its postmark will be over a month and a half late and from the city of roses. we do apologize.


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unless you are referring to your o.t.c. drug hazed last trip to paris, i hope you mean ‘didn’t like’ in this sentence: … we have never met a vacation we did like … otherwise, i will have to revise my understanding of you as a traveler.

AND, very much looking forward to ‘throwaway #005’

Comment by e

oh that is a total error and will be fixed immediately. my former editor earl spends all his time on facebook and isn’t around to catch all of my errors.

oh, and i did enjoy the paris over the counter codeine stupor trip. that is one of my top fave things about paris. well, there are the museums, the city’s beauty, the only city i know that sells totally cool men’s clothes. but still and yet, codeine, gives the city a nice mellow haze for moi!

Comment by pictomat

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