50 stiffs in 2010: tony curtis, 50 fantastic films: sweet smell of success
September 30, 2010, 3:46 pm
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tony curtis, actor. born: new york city (1925 – 2010)

tony curtis, probably not appreciate by most critics as the fine actor he could often be, died today. while best known and loved for his appearance with marilyn monroe and jack lemmon in the great and acerbic director billy wilder’s comic “some like it hot”, the real highlight of his carreer came earlier, in 1957, when he played sidney falco to burt lancaster’s j.j. hunsecker in the great film noir flick “sweet smell of success”.

sweet smell of success (1957), director: alexander mackendrick, born: boston (1912 -1993)

we don’t have time to do justice to curtis’ best film but “sweet smell of success” is a hell of a good watch. it is about a gossip columnist (lancaster), based on the real and evil walter winchell, and a press agent (curtis). the film was not a success due to several reasons: one, curtis was playing against his usual pretty boy persona, and two, theaters were nervous about showing a film that so thinly disguised lancaster, who was obviously playing the powerful newsman winchell. it was a hell of a good film noir, and although both the film and curtis were not recognized for the effort upon release, it has since be re-evaluated and considered one of america’s great, although not overly well known movies. it is out on dvd, and the steller criterion collection is rumored to soon be releasing it in a restored bluray edition. check tony curtis out at his best. lancaster is no slouch in “sweet smell” either, but then he is one of america’s truly great actors. and to put it mildly, he is devastating here. rent it from netflicks tonight!


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jamie leigh’s dad! condolences to her family…

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