50 pictomat videos: jackson
September 28, 2010, 5:11 pm
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promises, promises, yah, we know. pictomat has been up to a ton ‘a tricks. music videos seem to have september written all over them, ‘cuz we just can’t quit despite all of our promises.

this is the old billy edd wheeler and jerry leiber tune, “jackson”. it has been around the block, and is one of those lucky songs that actually has two definitive versions. there is johnny cash and june carter’s take, and then the slick nancy sinatra and lee hazelwood production – both fine in their different ways. we took yet another tip from dylan and did it with a real “basement tape” sound and sounds straight outta the ozarks.

you’ll have to keep visiting and see when this little journey ends. we say each night, “that’s it!” then we find a really interesting instrumental track and can’t help ourself. by morning it is ready to post.


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Rhine, I like the tune (easy to dance to), the words are good. I want to hear more feeling. And remember to use your diaphram–put the sound out of your throat and use the upper part of your mouth and project outward. The sound is all stuck in your throat. BUT you have the melody/pitch/key right–you may be on to something with this sound, what do I know. Hey and whats with the eyes? What are you looking at? You would be more personable if you look into the camera, I think. Or at least just one side of the computer. You have more guts than I do to put this out there in space. I commend you and will be your fan always.

Comment by Karen (alias "whasup girl)"

i am looking at the words cuz, beside having no real voice, i have no memory. so the words are on my screen at the same time i am making my “singing attempt”. i was trying to get more air in my lungs, like you told me on the phone, but i can’t hold even the semblance of a note for over a fraction of second! thanks “whasup girl”! i’ll keep on trying. what do you charge for singing lessons, that will still let me keep my voice tattered, which i wanna keep,but at hit a note and sustain it?

oh and “wsg”, it isn’t at all about guts, it is about doin’ what i wanna do, and not being afraid of what people think. i did that for a portion of my life, but that is no real way for me to live.

Comment by pictomat

You suck!

Comment by patrice

oh patrice, that’s why i love you so. you are always so diplomatic with your criticism of others.

Comment by pictomat

Just kidding Rhine! WE just got off the phone and I actually listened to it just now. Not a bad attempt…. I do agree with the comments from whasupgirl .Keep on singing!

Comment by patrice

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