50 pictomat videos: valerie
September 27, 2010, 7:37 pm
Filed under: 50 pictomat videos

“valerie”, the last in a series of “the music video” project from pictomat

really, this truly is pictomat’s last music video for quite sometime. it just that a polymath such as we are, prevents us from easily ending a series such as this, even though we have plenty of other stuff in the galleys.

however, our good friend, and frequent visitor to this site has long requested that pictomat smile. this video has more smile than you will see from us for a good quarter of a century. L, our friend, has also lent pictomat a skateboard so that we can use it to track earl at his level with a camera, so that his planned movie “a day in earl’s life” can give us all a little view from his perspective. we only have to hope he takes this job. we are not sure that he works for scale.

“valerie” is a british hit, and collaboration between amy winehouse and her producer ronson. the original version is a ska song written and performed by the zutons. the winehouse/ronson version is from 2007, the original zuton single came out in 2006. all of this release info pertains to the u.k. charts, where both hit the top ten. needless to say, stateside lives in a different world ruled by the warbley voices. these song are not played in this sorry country, a sorry land with no sense of musical taste or history, other than, shudder, what american idol spews out. its ugly spillover drifts to almost all american recording … we were going to say “artists”, but we can’t force ourselves to use that word, and we will spare you any profanity today.

here is for you L, a smiling video. we aim to please and beside, you lent us your son’s skateboard without telling him.


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yay! the pearly whites have been flashed! I like the upbeat, flirty, playful fun of the song and performance! (no freaky eyeball thing this time) L

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah!!!!! This is the best one ever! I could hear a change in the quality of your voice just by you smiling!!! It made me smile and I like the song. I think this song suites you better than the others. REALLY! I think it is important to find songs that fit your voice, your style and be in the right key for your voice. YES! Way to go out with a bang! I’m sure Earl is cringing at the thought of having to follow your act.

Comment by Karen (alias "whasup girl)"

no, earl plans his own singing career. says he is going to out elvis, elvis.

Comment by pictomat

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