50 pictomat videos: back to roots
September 26, 2010, 1:11 pm
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the last pictomat music video (for now)

this little music video project is ending for now. we are waiting for some equipment to film “a day in the life of earl”. he seems to bring traffic to this site, or at least he thinks he does. but looking back on our last three videos, we decided we liked the simple, fresh sound of the holland/dozier/holland’s “bernadette”, our first attempt.

so like dylan, after the fame became too much and overcame him, he crashed a motorcycle, retired to woodstock, new york, and came back with his underproduced back to basics album “john wesley harding”. it is never a bad idea to use a dylan trick. we stepped into the studio and layed down a quick, heartfelt track written by amy winehouse.


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It’s raw and real, the two-track rhine i’ve known and loved, alas no longer lamented as gonebabygone far away. love what you’ve done…just don’t give up now, love life and live it, man

Comment by LilliAnn

this is my favorite of the three. . .all i can say it you are braver than i am

Comment by ~S

s – brave is not the word. getting old and not giving a shit what people think and doing things i want to do is what it is all about. i wish it didn’t take over 50 years to find out this simple little way of enjoying life!

Comment by pictomat

can’t find a good place to leave a comment about the page header. . .it reminds me of fishnets from my punk days. . .thank you

Comment by ~S

Not bad, I kinda liked it . Not sure how to describe the vocal style. Dave

Comment by David

david, you went to the finest schools, oberlin and columbia. you can’t convince me that you are “not sure”. i have read your biting critiques on other subjects. don’t be shy here!

Comment by pictomat

from an email received in the pictomat offices from a life long dear friend who refuses to believe that we are a hopeless narcissist begging for attention where ever we can find it:

Whenever I look at your blog, click the videos, pictures or songs, your creative and free spirited mind blows me away. I know I can write well, etc but the free and relaxed thought patterns you demonstrate, your humorous never-too-serious analysis of all that is around you, and your boldness in putting it out there leave me in the dust. You truly have some genius genes amidst your incredible talents – that you have never given yourself enough credit for. I really enjoy your work!

Comment by pictomat

I watched this again and I think you did better about not keeping the sound in your throat–there is even a bit of vibrato. And there is emotion, under the surface…I really love the words on this one. Very poetic. You keep opening up the door for things I don’t know about. I love it. Don’t stop!

Comment by Karen (alias "whasup girl)"

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