50 pictomat videos: heroes
September 24, 2010, 11:17 pm
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pictomat’s follow-up music video

the reviews of pictomat’s first music video, the holland/dozier/holland classic “bernadette” were fantastic across the cold atlantic – shot straight to the top-o-the-charts. not true in the u.s. somehow america’s real talent is usually unrecognized in its native land. why did josephine baker and jimi hendrix have go to paris and london? just another nutty fluke in this country’s attitude and respect for culture.

fear not, pictomat never gets lets itself get down over luke warm receptions. take a look at this entire site. no one reads it, except for a faithful few. a good friend made a comment that it is good thing pictomat has his pension bucks streaming in every month. despite comments such as that we forge on in the face of adversity. got a follow-up single, available only here at pictomat: “heroes”, the gem written by mr. david bowie. that raspy voice, get used to it – that is the savoring in the mix!

pictomat knows bowie wrote this song when he lived in a divided berlin before the wall fell, but we have always thought it could just as easily be read as a kind of gay national anthem. listen to the words, and ponder that.

the posts will be back shortly. our summer trip to the southwest and los angeles was great. now we can settle back in to things here at pictomat. expect to see a big brouhaha about “the dumbing down of american discourse caused by facebook”. can’t wait, huh?


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Viva la pictomat! The motown was marvelous and the thin white duke devine. Sing sing sing and sing some more. Any pictomat movie soundtracks in our future? James Bond perhaps?

Comment by J.T.

“the thin white duke devine”? well, yes he indeed is, but i think the real credit i deserve is that i probably took more qualuudes doing this,than even he did when he recorded this.

Comment by pictomat

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