50 notes for 2010: obama & the mosque, 50 best magazine covers
August 17, 2010, 12:30 am
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new yorker, november 17, 2009. design: bob staake, graphic designer. born: los angeles, california (1957)

pictomat showed a later bob staake cover last month, but figured it was high time to show his best new yorker front sleeve today. why? because, the hope, the excitement, and the glamour of oboma’s election is lying in tatters around us. pictomat feels some to much of the not so recent inflammatory dislike of the man comes down to one thing. pictomat won’t mention it because it is overly obvious.

however, pictomat wants to salute our president for taking a clear stand on the brouhaha surrounding building a mosque near the site of the world trade center in nyc (and that thanks goes you too, mayor bloomberg). what kind of country would this be without our cherished right to belong to any or no religion? and why in the world would it matter where a house of worship was placed?

one second thought, pictomat imagines it would be the same kind of country that lets voters determine the rights of whether people be treated equally and fairly. that, however requires another post.

let’s try and remember why we build memorials to our greatest leaders, and why in november of 2009 that reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial looked so peaceful and seemed to represent a nation that had put some the unpleasant parts if its past in the past. let’s see if other leaders can put political expediency behind and sit as tall as that grand man does in his temple in washington d.c.


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we are in a disgusting morass of false morality. i look forward to the post about civil rights and why we don’t have them…

Comment by e

beautiful magazine cover, tho!

Comment by e

amazing cover

Comment by ~S

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