50 stiffs in 2010: daniel schoor
July 28, 2010, 1:39 am
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daniel schoor, born: nyc, 1916 – died: washington d.c., 2010. journalist

a great american journalist for more than 60 years (in fact, he was reporting only months ago). he considered his most cherished award being on disgraced president nixon’s “enemy list”, which he found out about when reading those names while on the air at c.b.s in 1971 (he was number 17, near paul newman, number 19).

he refused to tell his sources on several news stories and was impolitely told to leave c.b.s. he went to c.n.n. and finally to n.p.r. in the mid 1980’s where he remained a voice of reason, tinged with left wing leanings until his death earlier this week. a true icon with with a strong american revolutionary spirit.


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i loved how the npr interviewers treated him with such deference.

Comment by e

Being a big fan of great human speaking voices I will miss his coming over the radio on leisurely mornings. Seems to me it was full of folksy reassurance and calm, which was a bit of a surprise considering you could always hear a bit of the jewish kid from the Bronx in there too (even at his age). Best of all he always had something to say.

Comment by J.T.

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