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July 16, 2010, 8:49 pm
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“memento” (u.s. 2000), director: christopher nolan, born london, england (1970), with guy pearce

director christopher nolan has only made seven films. his first, “the following” is rarely shown. he hit the big time with this arthouse puzzle “memento”, his sophomore effort.

christopher nolan’s name is all over the place today, because his expensive summer blockbuster “inception” opens to somewhat good reviews. pictomat feels that nolan’s promising career went downhill as he chased the fortune and fame of hollywood by signing on to direct the two last batman movies (which did, in fact, make him a fortune). however, in the process of gaining fortune, nolan sold his soul to the devil.

before that big devil sale, nolan made this inexpensive and quirky little film with the excellent mr. pearce, as a guy who has no memory and a heap of trouble following him. the story is told backwards, which makes it all the more fascinating, and unlike any film before it. if you can think another film using this intriguing structure, let pictomat know. because the film is dependent upon surprise, the plot won’t be revealed here.

instead of plunking twelve bucks down to see nolan’s “inception” (which pictomat has yet to see), get thee to netflics and put the really fine “memento” in your queue. if “inception” redeems nolan, pictomat will be the first to let you know.


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And for once it made sense to me why someone would want to get tattoos all over their body …. Nice font!

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