50 forgotten songs, 50 amazing faces, 50 great record covers, 50 grand designs, 50 fashion mavens

grace jones, singer, born spanish town, jamaica (1948)

“pull up to the bumper” by grace jones (1981, written by jones, dana mano, sly dunbar & robbie shakespeare, produced by chris blackwell &  alex sadkin, single released on island records)

not forgotten by anyone who spent any of their nights dancing in discos during almost the entire year of 1981, but not a big hit on the charts in the u.s or the u.k. perhaps because the ever crafty miss jones managed to write an entire song where every sentence was an innuendo:

“… now in the park and lock garage,

you’ll find the proper place,

just follow all the written rules,
you’ll fit into the space.

pull up to my bumper baby,
in your long black limosine,
pull up to my bumper baby,
and drive it in between.

pull up, to it, don’t drive, through it,
back it, up twice, now that, fit’s nice …”

and that is just the beginning. one particular line might have caused the most problems and that was “grease it / spray it / let me lubricate it”. needless to say it remains one of the great dance tracks of all time, but perhaps missed by any non-dancers. housed as always in one of grace jones’ provacative record covers. (record cover, 1981, designer: jean-paul goude, born saint-mandé, france, 1940, graphic artist and jones’ lover at the time.)


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