50 amazing faces, 50 damned good writers, fifty reasons to adore the smiths

dame edith sitwell, writer, born scarborough, england (1887 – 1964), photo: cecil beaton

quoting a piece of poetry from the eccentric dame sitwell from a commenter:

CAME the great popinjay
smelling his nosegay:
in cages like grots
the birds sang gavottes.
‘herodiade’s flea
was named sweet Amanda,
she danced like a lady
from here to uganda.

morrissey of the smiths was so taken with this strange and wonderful creature that he used a giant projected picture of her in concerts and made her the cover star of his concert programs.


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We love her nose
and are so happy she wrote poetry
not prose …

CAME the great Popinjay
Smelling his nosegay:
In cages like grots
The birds sang gavottes.
‘Herodiade’s flea
Was named sweet Amanda,
She danced like a lady
From here to Uganda.

Comment by J.T.

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